Monday, 25 April 2011

From the start of the year till almost the end of the last term I had a lot of struggles regarding the concept of my final major project shoot. Since it had to have a relation with the dissertation topic, I found myself in a middle of a dilemma. Through the first two terms I have done 4 different tests around the theme of duality of life and death and personification of death. Most of the test were really different with no connecting link between, so it was pretty obvious I got lost in the ideas and wasn’t able to concentrate on one thing which I wanted to do the most. Individual tutorials were like hell, since I couldn’t present a proper storyboard etc. The panic came before the Easter break when my tutor has told me I was really behind everyone else and I should go to study support and ask for an extension. Probably, this was the worst experience, because I couldn’t have imagined things were going that bad. And this is when I have decided to shoot in Ukraine, even though there would be no chance to reshoot if something happened. And it changed the situation around! 

The hectick FMP shoot turned out to be such a great experience! And I would like to thank everyone who helped me and wes there for me.This shoot was really tough but it tought me so many things and i feel inspired again! 

Me and my dad in my parent's restaurant Steakhouse: Meat and Wine. Right before starting the FMP shoot.
Shot with Mamiya.

Behind the scenes.
Shot with canon 5DII

Sunday, 3 April 2011

This is the test I have done using film Hasselblad 6x6 before shooting the FMP. It was the first proper experience with the medium format film camera as I normally shoot digital. After I had some results I decided to go for Mamiya in the end, as 6x6 images was not exactly what I wanted my photographs to look like in case of the final major. This experience allowed me to get into the process of shooting on medium format and showed me the advantages and disadvantages of the Hasselblad camera. It was really hard to find focus, but seeing the depth of field in the viewfinder was really amazing. I also became aware of the fact that square format brings the whole new meaning into the image and that viewers read it differently.

So, here is the test. Mostly its all portraits.
Location: Odessa, Ukraine.