Wednesday, 5 January 2011

blogging for uni?

I remember that when I was doing my foundation course we had to write a diary with reflections on our work and stuff... and everyone basically did it just before the hand in, so I am still not sure about the purpose of this. But since I definitely won't handle a handwritten thing, I will just use this blog.

To be honest, when we got this assignment to write a blog/diary/sketchbook about our progress, struggles, transformative moment etc, I was kinda happy since I am a hardcore blogger and write one for about 7 years.
But I realised that writing for fun & friends and writing for an assignment that's going to be marked are two totally different things, and this is a PHOTOGRAPHY (hopefully a profession and not a hobby) blog, but not sth casual and random (as my other blog is).

So here is my first dilemma: how to write about work and make sense to myself and others? I know this is supposed to be for my own benefit in many ways, but also it's sth that'll definitely take time to get used to. Anyway why not give it a try :) I'll count it as my first transformative moment!


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