Thursday, 20 January 2011

continuing about the music...

These guys changed my life.
And as much as I don't wanna sound like a brainless fangirl... the 'changed life' bit is true and I'm proud of it :D

Being able to some extent understand Japanese language made me plunge into their lyrics and find the meaning of Mono no Aware through their music. I decided to build my FMP around this Buddhist concept of life/death.

And this is how I found my idea base. Easy as that.
Now I understand that I shouldn't be afraid to look for inspiration in unusual places.

BUCK-TICK band images


Memento Mori Album Cover. 2009
Vocalist Atsushi referring to the end of the tour as to something beautiful because of its ephemeral nature.
Example of Mono no Aware in the Japanese mentality. 
For the Western mind the end of something only has sad associations.  

Live 2000

Muma -The Nightmare- 
Live 2005

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