Sunday, 30 May 2010

Photographic drama

Yesterday was the most hectic day I had in ages.
I was having a shoot for my final major project of this year, had two amazing models, fantastic stylist and my lovely MUA who I work with all the time and my boyfriend was assisting me.

It was all ready and I had the highest expectations.


London had it's usual change of weather and it started raining like crazy, so our hands were tied as we couldn't wet the clothes and didn't want models to freeze to death. So the whole thing collapsed. We were devastated, but just couldn't help it.
All the efforts were wasted and the mood was ruined.

I did have a weird presentiment the day before, but last minute cancel based on my intuition just didn't sound right. Well, we could only shoot two male and one female outfits, but I had to turn it into a fashion story. I will re-shoot this idea for sure, as I can't just leave it at that.

Here is the result of the trail I had yesterday.

Photography - Yuliya (
Styling - Merrick Mck
Make-up - Nicole Juan
Girl model - Abigail @ Confidence Models
Boy model - Agelou @ Oxygen Models
Photographic assistant - Yoshito


  1. rrrr im proud they look really good. I love the third picture where you have blurred out the male in one picture then the female in the other to show their perspective.
    You got skills!